Production Line of Aerated Concrete Brick in Nantong

Customer Requirements

A company in Nantong, Jiangsu once used 3R roller mill to process the quick lime. The machine vibrated violently when running with too much noise and too much wear of the quick-wear parts. The production yield is very low with difficulties of powder collection. All these have seriously affected the production efficiency and cost. This company hoped that we could provide a set of specific solution to the milling and powder collection of light material like quick lime. The requirements are as follows:

Quicklime granularity: less than 100mm

Product powder fineness: 180-200 mesh, D90 pass screen

Yield: 10 tons per hour.

Our solution

Equipment list

PE250*400 Jaw Crusher (1 unit)

MTM130 Trapezium Grinder (1 set)

TH200*8.5M Lifter (1 unit)

Improvement program

1. The frequency changer is provided to control the rotation speed of the main frame. Practices show that proper reduction of rotation speed increases the yield and reduces the main frame vibration.

2. When the air conveying is reduced, the finished powder cannot float easily so that powder collection is easier.

Customer feedback

1. In order to avoid long-term stop of production line during replacement of new equipment, we have pre-reserved 1 month for engineering reform. We have also expressed it clearly at the time of purchasing the equipment, hoping to shorten the erection period of the new equipment. The engineers arranged by ZENITH for this work were very responsible and worked 14 hours each day and conducted professional handling against emergencies on the site. In the end, the erection and commissioning of all the equipment were completed in only half a month.

2. Compared with the 3R roller mill we adopted before, ZENITH MTM130 milling system is very different and the yield has increased substantially. Since its application for one year, the machines run smoothly. It only needs to work eight hours per day to meet the production demand and the grinder roll and ring have little wear. The workshop is very clean inside. During the past one year, the engineers of ZENITH visited the workshop for three times to investigate the equipment service condition and gave many suggestions on equipment maintenance, which have released my worries a lot. Until now, I am very satisfied with the quality of this mill.

3. Once, one piece of iron entered into the mill due to the operator’s fault, which led to stop of machines and breakage of the grinder roll hanger. The spare parts were sent directly from the factory in Jiangsu and were received just in the second day after contacting ZENITH. The production resumed, saving economic losses of tens of thousands of yuan.

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