Overview of Magnesium Desulfurization Technology

With the issue of some national environmental policies and regulations, the demand for flue gas of heat-engine plant gets more and more strict, which promotes the development of various desulfurization technologies. Among them, magnesium desulfurization technology obtains much attention since it is mature, economic, recycled and environmental. It has been widely used in such countries like America, China, Germany and Japan. In Taiwan, China, 95% of power plants has started to use magnesium desulfurization technology. Magnesium desulfurization technology can achieve by-products recycle, protecting environment and improving the sound develop of industrial structures.

Technological Process

This desulfurization system is composed of absorber preparing system, flue gas system, SO2 absorbing system, process water system, electrical instrumental system and by-product recycling system. The technological process is as follows:

    Desulfurization System
  • Absorber preparing system
  • Flue gas system
  • SO2 absorbing system
  • Process water system
  • Electrical instrumental system
  • By-product recycling system

Advantages of Magnesium Desulfurization Technology

Low investment

The desulfurization projects occupy a few floor areas. The investment is lower.

Stable operation

The desulfurization process is stable. It is free from some problems like blocking.

Environment friendly

It hardly produces something bad for the environment.

Recycled by-products

The by-products can be used again in avoidance of unnecessary wasting.

Promising economic benefits

The magnesium desulfurization is profitable because the desulfurizing agents can be used repeatedly which lowers the desulfurization costs so as to increase economic profits.

Recommended Equipment

  • XZM Ultrafine Mill

    High capacity

    Low consumption

    Environment friendly

    Advanced grinding cavity

  • MTW Trapezium Mill

    Low energy cost

    High efficiency

    Advanced and reliable

    Low running cost

    Humanized design

  • Ball Mill

    High grinding ratio


    Easy maintenance

    Good abrasion resistance