Gypsum Powder Production Line

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Zenith Gypsum Powder Line excels in the performance of its facilities, high production efficiency and qualified products.

Zenith has researched painstakingly on mill making technology for more than 20 years. According to the characteristics of gypsum material, Zenith utilizes Vertical Roller Mill, fluidized bed combustion boiler for the Gypsum Powder Line, and makes the automatic production into reality by adopting the DCS Automatic Control System.

Overview of Gypsum Powder Production Line

To ensure the quality and quantity of gypsum powder production, smart gypsum powder production line which could complete an automatic production is a choice for numerous enterprises. In terms of the applied field of gypsum powder, the Gypsum Powder Production Line is classified into Building Gypsum Powder Production Line and Desulfurization Gypsum Production Line.

Building Gypsum Powder Production Line (Natural Gypsum)

Gypsum Powder Production Line of this kind adopts the domestic advanced equipments such as Vertical Roller Mills and fluidized bed combustion boiler.

This Gypsum Powder Production Line not only responds to what the environmentalists advocate that energy should be saved and properly used, but also enables automatic control. This line has become the major customers' prior choice because it enjoys good quality of the output gypsum powder, stable physical properties of the main unit, and low operating costs, etc.

Desulfurization Gypsum Production Line (For Power Plant)

Currently the world's most technologically sophisticated desulfurization process is limestone - gypsum method. There is a very high command on the contents and fineness of limestone powder and calcium oxide for desulfurization.

The vertical roller mill launched by Zenith fits perfectly with the requirements of limestone and lime output in their capacity and quality. This production line is widely used in steel plants and the desulfurization milling process. The desulfurization effect is significant with a desulfurization rate of 95% or more.

Gypsum powder application

The history of gypsum powder application is so long that it could date back to the time when it was simply used for making chalk, putty, tofu and crafts. Nowadays, it has been widely used in many fields, such as construction and building materials.

Building materials: gypsum production line fosters the upgrade in the quality of plaster board

Construction: gypsum production line is renowned in cement industry

Gypsum production line goes along with the market demands and takes the lead

Gypsum production line is in its prime in concrete field

Gypsum production line fosters the leap-forward development in mould industry

Introduction to Gypsum Powder Production Flow

Gypsum stone is crushed into particles of less than 30mm in diameter, and the particles are grinded in the mill. After grinding, the powder which passes the classifier would be transformed into the furnace for calcinations, while the rest which doesn't meet the fineness requirements would return to the miller for a second grinding. The qualified calcined gypsum powder are sent to end product bin or workshop.

Five systems in the production flow

  • crushing system
  • hopper and conveying system
  • grinding system
  • calcining system
  • electrical control system

Gypsum Powder Production Line Flow Chart

Instance site

Zenith MTW Grinding Mill Project in Espana

Gypsum board, benefit from its excellent property, has been widely used in residence, office building and hotel and many other buildings. At the beginning of 2010, one customer from Espana signed 4-5TPH gypsum powder production line mainly made of Zenith MTW series grinding mill.

Raw Material: Gypsum Output Size: 300-325mesh Input Size: 50-100mm Capacity: 4tph-5tph