Large Pulverized Coal Preparation System

Your Perfect Choice: Zenith Coal Mill

Large coal crushing and grinding equipment of zenith Improve pulverized coal preparation efficiency,Refine industrial production environment.

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Blast furnace of pulverized coal preparation
LM series Large Vertical Roller Mill comes into being

The system of blast furnace pulverized coal has been widely used in Electric Power, Steel and Metallurgical industry etc. In the whole system, the preparation of pulverized coal is the most important step. Common mill can’t satisfy the needs of pulverized coal due to its high demand and big capacity. So more and more customers are inclined to large-scale coal mill.

  • Model: LM150 ,The unit rated power 560 kw
  • Raw material, final products: Soft coal ,200mesh ,D80
  • Customer Evaluation: This equipment feature stable operation, high capacity, wearing-parts replaces easily, satisfy our requirements very well. Any needs just call them and their Engineers will come to our site to solve the problem at once. We are so appreciated for their diligent service.

Pulverized coal fired boiler renovation project
The New patent product Medium Speed Trapezium Mill

Now in China, we have more than 2 million boilers need transform. It has become a hot topic for the heating system that how to improve the efficiency of Pulverized coal fired boiler. After the renovation, the efficiency will be highly improved, and the pollutant will be sharply decreased. The Desulphurization, denigration and dust removal device can be installed in integration.

  • Model: MTM160 The unit rated power 282.5kw;MTM130 The unit rated power 157.5kw
  • Raw material, final products: soft coal, MTM160, 200mesh, D90;MTM130, 200mesh,D90.
  • Customer Evaluation: Since 2003 cooperated with Zenith, we have purchased 16 sets grinding mill, from the high pressure grinding mill to the Trapezium grinding mill. The high quality equipment and high level service of Zenith are the important guarantee for our company’s growing. Meanwhile, we also witnessed the growth of Zenith.

Lime kiln coal powder preparation
the upgrades of Raymond mill MTW series continental mill

Using kiln calcine calcium lime, has a long history around the world. At present, with the development of metallurgy, chemical and building materials industries, the demand for lime powder is still increasing, while the quality requirement is more and more high. The needs of pulverized coal for modern limekiln’s development gets higher and higher, and also puts forward higher requirements on pulverized coal processing equipment.

  • Model: MTW138 The unit rated power 218.5kw
  • Raw material, final products: soft coal, 200mesh, D80
  • Customer Evaluation: The MTW continental mill is the most advanced after investigating many suppliers. From the initial communication, understanding, purchase, installation, commissioning and after-sales service, all the work is good as usual in Zenith. Now we are preparing for starting new projects, Zenith is still our first choice!

Coal activated carbon processing
XZM Ultrafine Mill Sharply appearance

Generally, coal activated carbon is formed by powdery material and adhesive after kneading and extruding, then through the processes of carbonization and activation etc. With the advantages of developed pore structure, good adsorption properties, high mechanical strength, easy to repeated regeneration, low cost etc, widely use in Toxic gas purification, waste gas treatment, industrial and domestic water purification treatment, solvent recovery.

  • Model: XZM80 The unit rated power 120kw
  • Customer Evaluation: High quality coal is the basic guarantee to produce high quality activated carbon. Using the high efficient coal mill of Zenith, can meet the strict requirements of the pulverized coal preparation of activated carbon. The high quality coal is a strong propellant to help us