Grinding mill for Calcium carbonate

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Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound, is the main component of lime rock (referred to as limestone) and calcite.

Calcium carbonate is divided into two categories: heavy calcium carbonate and precipitated calcium carbonate. Due to the differences of the particle size, crystal form, the nature of interface between heavy calcium carbonate and precipitated calcium carbonate, their features are vastly different.

Processing technology

Ground Calcium carbonate( GCC) is mainly using dry production process

The main production technologies of light calcium carbonate in China

Carbonation method

calcining the raw materials such as limestone to generate lime (ingredient for calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide; then adding water to digest lime to generate lime milk (ingredient for calcium hydroxide)and then passing into the carbon dioxide carbide lime milk for calcium carbonate precipitation; lastly, the calcium carbonate precipitation by dehydration, drying and crushing system to get light calcium carbonate.

Causticizing alka line

in the process of producing caustic soda (NaOH), can be a by-product of light calcium carbonate. Adding lime hydrate in soda ash aqueous calcium carbonate can generate precipitation, and get the caustic soda solution at the same time, lastly the precipitation of calcium carbonate by dehydration, drying and crushing system to get light calcium carbonate.

Soda ash (Na2CO3) calcium chloride method

In the soda ash adding calcium chloride aqueous solution, the calcium carbonate can generate precipitation.

Causticizing alka line

in the process of producing soda ash, by-product light calcium carbonate can be obtained. Saturated salt water with carbon dioxide for carbonation after inhaling ammonia, then get the heavy alkali (sodium bicarbonate) precipitation and ammonium chloride solution. Light calcium carbonate production technology is mainly divided into the following steps: 1. The limestone calcination 2. quick lime digestion 3.lime water carbonated4.sedimentation and filtration 5. Drying and crushing.

Equipment needed
MTW Series Trapezium Mill

They adopt bevel gear integral transmission, inner light-oil lubrication, arc whirl tube and another proprietary technology.

Stable performance, convenient operation, low energy consumption, adjustable and controllable final size, widely used grinding materials , equipped with special dust collector, and dust emission concentration is lower than the national environmental regulations completely.

The working principle is for vertical structure, covering a small area, complete and strong set, and motor transmission device enclosed gear box, with smooth transmission. An important part of the mill adopts high-quality steel manufacturing, so it is reliable and durable. Electrical system of the mill adopts centralized control, advanced and reasonable selection, automation with high degree, vibrating feeder with small size light weight, it is easy to adjust and save electricity.

MTM Series Medium Speed Trapezium Mill

It adopts five mill patent technology , such as the trapezoidal face, flexible connection and roller linkage supercharging.

It solves the leakage phenomenon when grinding the calcium carbonate, improves the grinding efficiency, eliminates the impact on the main shaft, prolonging the service life of the roller shaft, greatly improves the precision and efficiency of selecting powder, reduces the transmission between the mill and classifier and eliminates the resonance phenomenon.

This series mills are mainly applied to the powder processing of mineral products in the metallurgy, construction material, chemical, mining, the highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower, refractory materials, and steel, etc.

How Much
Raymond mill

This series mills are mainly applied in the metallurgy, construction material, chemical, and mining, etc.

The working principle is that by the shovel blade ,calcium carbonate is put to the middle of calcium grinding roller and grinding ring , under the grinding pressure of calcium carbonate is crushed into powder, then under the action of the fan ,the powder of calcium carbonate is passed to analyzer. If the powder calcium carbonate fails to achieves the required fineness by analyzer, it will return to the grinding chamber to continue to grind then through analyzer, calcium carbonate is put into whirlwind powder collector finishing separation and collection. Lastly, with industrial filter cloth isolated exhaust was put into powder at one time. They can produce powder from various non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 7.0 and humidity below 6%.

XZM Ultrafine Grinding Mill

For ultrafine calcium carbonate powder production, there is no better choice but XZM ultrafine grinding mill.

Lots of industries need calcium carbonate powder as raw material, such as PVC, Electric Cable, rubber, PE, painting and paper making industries. And many industries like PVC, PE and coating has specified standards to the powder size, usually it must be finer than 1250mesh. As a result, most grinding mills, such as coarse power mill, MTM series milling machine and MTW series grinding mill, are out of action. How to produce the ultrafine calcium carbonate powder? Currently, the mainstream machine is ZENITH XZM series ultrafine grinding mill. With this mill, not only 800-1250mesh powders are available, but also 1250-2500mesh powders are getable. What’s more important is that the production cost is quite low because of its special design.

Application field

Barite through deep processing mill can be widely used in the following sectors

Under the condition of underground pressure is higher, added to the mud barite powder is an effective measure to increase the mud weight.
Weighting agent of drilling mud

Barite's requirements of producing lithopone BaSO4 content is greater than 95%, and should contain no visible color clutter.
Lithopone pigments

The raw material can be manufactured as barite, barium oxide, barium carbonate and other chemicals.
All kinds of barium compounds

In the paint industry, barite powder filler can increase the film thickness, strength and durability.
Packing industry

Barite and fluorite compound mineralizer is incorporated in cement production ,which has a significant effect on promoting C3S formation and activation of C3S.
Cement industry mineralizing agent

replace the metal grids and build research nuclear reactor shielding, hospital X-ray.
Anti-ray cement, mortar and concrete

Rubber and asphalt mixture containing about 10% barite has been successfully used for parking, is a durable paving material.
Road construction

Barite and oil applied to the cloth manufacture linoleum reconcile; barite powder for refined kerosene and so on.

Instance site

Zenith XZM Ultrafine Mill in INDIA

in 2009, a mining company in India intended to produce calcium carbonate powder with fineness of 5-10 micron at the capacity of 1.0 TPH. After investigate, we recommended him using our XZM221 Ultrafine mill and helped him build the plant.

Customer requirement: Location: INDIA Mineral: Calcium carbonate powder Capacity: 1 T/H Equipped Mill: XZM221 Ultrafine Mill